Miley Cyrus proved something to the world during SNL. And it’s that she can’t act.

While during a spoof of The Sound of Music, it was surprising that she seemed to forget how to sing. I’ve checked my records, and – guys – that’s what she’s famous for.

In a Disney skit, Miley played herself and they explained Disney shows. Here’s the formula: children are always smarter than adults, you must always be the loudest person in the world, you must pause then dis, practice your eating then freezing, wear only¬† loud clothing, spy in doorways, and enter rooms on scooters.

It was pretty cool to see someone else playing Miley Cyrus, although it was hard to tell it wasn’t the real Cyrus. I did enjoy “her” impression of Charlie Sheen.

But the real Cyrus played Justin Bieber surprisingly well. Did you know he has a swagger coach? Well. He probably really does. But hey, why does he only ever wear purple? These are questions I need answers to. If Miley only had to impersonate Justin at parties, she’d do pretty well. Otherwise, I think this explains why her movie didn’t do so – wait, did it do well? Crazy.

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