Mila Kunis was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today to talk about her movie Black Swan with Natalie Portman (there is Oscar buzz for the film and the actresses), and her upcoming movie Friends with Benefits with Justin Timberlake. DeGeneres also asked about Kunis’ upcoming holiday plans which are surprisingly “normal.”

Mila walked out to Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. She said right away, “This is the greatest audience, I’ve ever…” and the applause rose. “It’s nice good energy,” she added.

Mila about Black Swan…

“I was a prima ballerina (at age 6), but I sadly learned that it’s not like riding a bike.”

Mila on working with costar Justin Timberlake…

Ellen: Don’t you love Justin Timberlake?
Mila: I adore him. He’s great.
Ellen: And you all had steamy sex scenes. (Mila laughed loudly.) But you’re friends and you’re doing scenes like that.
Mila: It’s very awkward. It just is.
Ellen: But he’s fun to be with.
Mila: He’s great. I mean, the truth is, we got to have very uncomfortable scenes for two weeks.

Ellen: When you say uncomfortable, probably not uncomfortable for most women but you know.
Mila: I mean, regardless there’s like 150 crew men watching and you see each other’s bits and pieces. The whole thing is just wrong.
Ellen: When you say bits and pieces.
(Mila fanned her eyes from tearing up as she laughed.)
Mila: Laughs Yeah, well you’ll see the movie.
Ellen: I’m holding a joke in my head right now.

Mila talks about her holiday plans…
Ellen: What are you doing for the holidays?
Mila: Eating.
Ellen: Eating. Yeah, you should.
Mila: I plan on eating and sleeping.
Ellen: Taking care of yourself. Eating normally and healthy.

Black Swan opens in theaters today, so go see it and tell me what all the fuss is about!

(Earlier on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen showed a giant gummi worm. I feel this is also newsworthy. I can’t help but wonder where is the world’s largest gummi worm… Anyway, the three guests – Kunis, Adelle and Hillary Swank – were all were playing with the worm. Hillary Swank was juggling it and using it as a lasso. Now that’s a chick who knows how to party. )

Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.