mila project runway

Mila sometimes comes off as well-spoken, but more and more we’re finding that she’s just a snobby designer. Last week I wanted to comment about how I hated her star-inspired dress, but decided I’d just let it go. The neckline was sweet because it reminded me of a retro pin-up model. But the cut of the dress and the pattern were horrible. I was horrified they put her in the top three. So I was not at all surprised to hear that other designer’s didn’t really congratulate her in being in the top two.

maya project runway

Maya Lutz's creation.

What I’d like to know is why they put two so similar designers in this season of Project Runway. Mila Hermanovski is just like an older version of the equally attitude-ridden Maya Lutz. Not only do the pair look very similar with the same black hair and ‘in your face’ look,  but in the challenge for episode 5 gave us two versions of virtually the same dress.

Ironically, Mila was quick to cattily talk to the camera about how odd it was that two designers were both using aqua blues, but when it came down to it – Mila and May’s designs were almost interchangeable. Same muted colors, same triangular color blocking – same and boring!

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