seth aaron hendersonThe shocker is … are you sure I should tell you? Have you watched yet? The shocker is the WINNER. Seth Aaron Henderson won! Was I the only one relieved that Emilio Sosa (E SOSA) didn’t win the Project Runway finale? Especially considering it really looked like he would.

During the judging panel, Heidi Klum seemed to really be favoring Emilio and downtalking Mila and Seth Aaron. Faith Hill (guest judge) couldn’t stop gushing about how knocked out she was by Emilio. She especially loved the stupid graffiti print he had made and used, which is just an extension of him being trying to build himself into a brand name right away. Luckily, Michael Kors noted this, saying Emilio presented more of a clothing line down the runway, not a collection. I also liked what Mila had to say about Sosa’s clothing, which was something along the lines of that it was what you’d find in a boutique in Harlem in the 90’s. The colors were horrible. The only good thing was the dress at the end, and the gold color of the dress was not pleasing.

Speaking of horrible dresses, why did Seth Aaron design that horrible purple dress with the huge bubble rump/hips section? It was ugly. While I had previously favored him to win and liked him, I found myself rooting for Mila. Even though I don’t like her (as much as I know her from TV) I liked her clothing the best, and it’s what I would wear. Seth Aaron and Emilio both seemed irked the way the judges kept mentioning she had done well because of how she’d taken their advice for the styling. Neither of them had gotten advice.

Something hilarious was that Emilio had contemptful ‘WTFCHULOOKINGAT’ looks that the camera cunningly cut to whenever the judging panel was praising Seth Aaron or Mila. He thought he’d win for sure.

Did anyone expect Seth Aaron to win? I didn’t. I so didn’t. I also don’t know why he choose to have great hair all through the competition, then an ugly hairstyle for the day of the runway. Anyway, he won for having a matured collection that showed he could do luxury. Mila thought it was just a more elegant Hot Topic clothing selection, but I wouldn’t go that far. In the end, there are several pieces of Seth Aaron’s that I really do like.

Maybe White House | Black Market can hire Mila.

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