Usher was the first one to turn for this amazing country-folk-pop duo, but who did Midas Whale pick for their coach?


Jon Peter Lewis and Ryan Hayes (Midas Whale) – One of them is a geologist. They’re both …a quirky duo. And they sing folk music, and are quirky and amazing. “Our sound is not something typical for a show like this,” said Hayes.

Their music was .. upbeat and raucous. Yea, I’d call it pleasantly raucous. And you know who turned first? Usher! (Oh, and Lewis had an ACCORDION.) Blake then turned. Because how could you not? In fact, then Adam did. …Then Shakira! Usher even gave them a standing ovation. (Oh, their song choice? Folson Prison Blues!)

As for the name? Adam thought it was awesome. (Because, duh, it is.)

Blake said he loved the show, and the sense of humor that they have. “I hope you don’t screw up the rest of your lives by going with one of these other three…” he joked.

Shakira loved how their voices harmonized. “You guys make me feel a lot.” And then … a Spanish conversation conversation came forth, because both of the men could speak fluent Spanish. But Usher knew one phrase, “Numero Uno!”

One the count of three, they picked TEAM ADAM.

P.S. Doesn’t this duo remind you of Mumford and Sons?