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Here is the third and FINAL installment on the TV we will and won’t be watching as the mid-season TV schedules start up for us all.


Caprica – I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to stick with this show, the pilot was very enjoyable.

‘Caprica’ Reviewed by the Unbriefed


Party Down – It’s impossible for me to love a comedy as much as I love this one. I did lots of scientific tests to prove this! This probably won’t start mid season at all…in fact I know it doesn’t…I just really wanted to mention it.

Party Down Season Two Scoop


The Millionaire Matchmaker -Wealthy people need love, too. I’ve never seen this, but I guess it’d be fun to see what their idea of a first date is like. Just a little yacht ride around their own private island, right?

Kell on Earth – A reality show following Kelly Cutrone, who you may have seen on The Hills and The City. She was a scary, angry woman on The Hills. Less so on The City. …Yes, I occasionally watch those shows! But this one? I dunno…I don’t want more stress in my life, you know?

Shear Genius 3 – HAIR. It’s about hair, duh. I’ve never seen this, and I don’t know why not – because I am OBSESSED with hair! The host for season three will be Camila Alves who is the fiance of Matthew McConaughey.

Top Chef: Masters – A reality show about cooking. I could never be on this show unless pouring salsa into a bowl can be considered pro cooking. And it should be, because I am damn good at it.


Southland – This already has a cult following, and that’s for a reason, right?

TNT Picks up “Southland” and tons of Respect in the TV World

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