new tv shows

This is the second installment of sharing with you guys what we will and won’t be watching on TV as the mid-season TV schedules start.

CBS shows

Undercover Boss
– A reality show where bosses spy on their underlings. Pretty shady! Will not watch – seems about as boring as Wife Swap. No, I mean the one about the Super Nanny. THAT boring!

Miami Medical – Ah yes, we DID need another medical show set in Miami. This used to be ‘Miami Trauma’.

Flashpoint – I don’t watch this show, but I’ll mention it for those who do. It has Pappa Mars! (Enrico Colantoni)

The CW

Life Unexpected – They dropped the x, and they’re promoting it as Juno meets Gilmore Girls. I’ve mentioned this show a lot because I’ve seen the first episode already, and it’s GREAT. This is an amazing show and I will watch it for sure.

The New CW Show Not be Missed | ‘Life UneXpected’ Premiere Date Chosen

Fly Girls – A reality show, “that takes a 360-degree look at the lives of the charismatic jet-setting flight attendants on America’s hippest new airline: Virgin America.” They are promoting the show as showing glam lives – but while I doubt the lives are all that glamorous as they used to be, I think this will be a really fun guilty pleasure show to watch. And think of the drama – people are in such tight quarters!

Tinsley – I am a fashion nerd, and I was praying this was a show about Tinsley Mortimer. AND IT IS. She is a blonde Manhattan socialite.  The show will only be a half-hour, boo! We want more!


Archer – I’ve reviewed this and it’s awesome. You must watch or be banished!

Our Advance Review of ‘Archer’ on FX

Damages – I seriously need to start watching this show. I know. Augh. Where is the time? I’ll MAKE time, dammit!

Justified – I have no idea what this show is about at this current time. Oops. Wait…it’s like…a Western? Hot Timothy Olyphant? I could dig that…

Louie – A comedy with Louis C.K.


Big Love – An amazing show that you need to start watching. Have an open mind (not about polygamy, but about watching a show ABOUT polygamy)! It’s such a well-made hour of television.

‘Big Love’ Gets Political in Season 4

Treme – Treme sounds like a hair care product. But it’s a show about a post-Katrina New Orleans. I would definitely suggest checking this out.
In Treatment


Project Runway – It’s back AGAIN on Jan. 14! Yes 😀


Secret Diary of a Call Girl – I love this show so much, you have no idea. You’d think I’d be embarrassed to admit I love a show about a Call Girl, but I’m not. It’s a fabulous show. So entertaining, and Billie Piper is a fantastic actress.

Showtime TV Listings to Note (Secret Diary of a Call Girl, United States of Tara, Nurse Jackie…)

Tracey Ullman: State of the Union – Funny times for all.

Nurse Jackie – Everyone is a big fan of this show for a reason. It’s good. Damn good.

United States of Tara – Ooooh, how I love this show. It’s just so damn good.  Unique, a talented cast, and the writing is just A+.

The Tudors – It’s the last season for all of that sex and scandal! Plus, pretty dresses.

As if I’d leave you hanging! Mid Season TV to Love and Mock: Part 1