michelle trachtenberg

So you’re here because Netflix.com is currently down, too, huh? Well, I hope I can entertain you some. Having watched Michelle Trachtenberg practically grow up on TV (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, even Harriet the Spy for goshfreakingsakes!) it can be challenging as she actually grows up even more. She’s had more recent TV roles as a guest on Gossip Girl, and she is now part of the cast of the wonderful (and probably underrated) show Mercy on NBC. Trachtenberg can play sweet and innocent, but to talk to her (which I once did) you realize she’s smart, confident, and challenging to anyone who would like to peg her into a different hole.

She’s on the cover of Complex right now, and also has a photo spread inside the magazine. While I’m not a big fan of the theme entirely (the pin-up stuff is good, the red paint stuff is meh), I think it all works for her because it shows off her famously luminous skin (when she was Snow White for Halloween it was perfect). But the concept where there’s faux blood and a girl with her tongue licking the side of her mouth? It’s been done for Jennifer’s Body and True Blood posters. Time for something new, you creative magazine peoples/robots.

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