Reality TV show fans have good reason to believe that editor’s of The Bachelor tricked them on Monday night.

Viewers cheered as Michelle from The Bachelor 2011 was booted in this weeks episode, but Michelle was not the picture of happiness. She appears on The Ellen DeGeneres show on Wednesday, February 16th to talk about who she think Brad will pick and what really happened when she exited the show.

michelle from the bachelor 2011

While Michelle first tries to deny she’s a bit crazy, she finally acknowledged she has a bit of crazy in her. The most interesting bit of this interview is that the show purposefully edited the episode to make it look like Michelle didn’t speak to Brad when she was leaving. She actually did talk to him. The editing of that episode made it look like he was chasing her down, and she didn’t say anything, even once she was in the limo.

On the show’s portrayal of Michelle as crazy, manipulative, craaazy…:
Ellen: You do a show like this, you know there’s editing involved. You maybe look at something and go “Hey, that’s not who I was.” Do you look at that and go “That’s not who I was?”
Michelle: Yeah, for the most part I really do. It’s definitely a part of who I am. I’m assertive and a go-getter but there are also many sides of me that weren’t shown.

On who Michelle thinks Brad will pick:
Ellen: It seemed like you did have chemistry [with Brad] and it seemed like he did like you. But then what happened?
Michelle: I think at the end of the day, I’m not Brad’s type. I think it was in Anguilla when you could kind of tell his heart was with someone else.
Ellen: Who? Who do you think it’s with?
Michelle: Emily.
Ellen: I do too. At the beginning I kind of picked her but it seemed too obvious.
Michelle: Well, they’re like Ken and Barbie. They look like they should be together.

On Michelle’s silent exit:
Michelle: Brad and I did get to have a conversation.
Ellen: You did?
Michelle: Yeah. It was a good conversation. I got my closure. We said really great things to each other.
Ellen: On camera?
Michelle: Yes.
Ellen: So they just didn’t air that?
Michelle: They just forgot.
Ellen: You said what things? He just said not the right relationship?
Michelle: Well, yeah. I just wished him the best. Obviously at the end of the day, I did want a rose and I did want to be there but he just wasn’t that into me. What else can I say? I wished him the very best. I think the world of him. Brad is an amazing man. I just said anyone here is lucky to be with you and I wish you all the best. And he said the same thing.
Ellen: You said all that and we didn’t see any of it?
Michelle: Yeah.

On Ellen thinking Michelle was crazy:
Ellen: I like that about you, that you’re straight up. But you seemed a little crazy.
Michelle: I will say, any time there’s creepy music playing, anyone is going to look crazy.
Ellen: No. The crazy music gives us an indication. Here it comes. Crazy.
Michelle: That’s the truth. There’s a little bit of crazy in me.
Ellen: There’s crazy in you, admit it.
Michelle: Absolutely.

Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

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