This former bakery worker has captivated us with her confidence and humor.

Michelle Chamuel

Michelle Chamuel

“Who ever would have thought that a kooky girl with big glasses could have taught me something.” – Usher

“It’s anybody’s game right now. So in order to win I need to be myself. And trust my coach.” – Michelle

Her song choice was “Why” by Annie Lennox.

A cool “singing to the mirror” effect was used, including seeing the image in the mirror videoed of her at a different point. A choir appeared behind her as she sang.

Sample lyrics: “I tell myself too many times, why don’t you ever learn to keep your big mouth shut?”

(Editor’s note: My Grandmother is watching this with me and she remarked she isn’t sure about the pants and then said, “Oh come on, that looks like a Space Suit.” But Michelle is her favorite for the win, so she still has good taste. Holla.)

We saw Shakira wearing the infamous black Michelle Chamuel glasses frames, as Shakira is everyone’s cheerleader. She praised her for having talent and humility. “One thing is to conquer people’s hearts…and the other thing is to stay in those hearts. And you’ve done both of those things,” the Columbian singer said.

“Clearly your coaches are Usher and David Blaine.” – Carson Daly

“I’m still freaked out about that mirror trick that you did.” – An excited Blake Shelton, who was glad to see her showcasing a different, more laid-back performance.

“I thought she was phenomenal.” – Usher, who says likeability and capability is what makes a successful artist.

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