Does it ever get any better than this? Have you SEEN this performance yet? Oh, my. My, my, my.

Tearing up even while talking about the song in rehearsals, “True Colors” was an emotional song choice for Michelle Chamuel.

Michelle Chamuel

Michelle Chamuel

“I felt like this song would definitely allow her to be vulnerable and open up…” – Usher

Usher wanted her to apply the song to herself, so he even held up a mirror for her to look into as she sang in rehersals.

This performance was so great….I mean…Michelle has such a strong voice that can do so many songs. (The kind of songs we like to belt out in the shower.)

I also happen to think that Michelle has a beautiful spirit and she’s really actively building her confidence in front of us.


This was hands down my favorite cover of this song, ever. And I’ve certainly heard quite a few!

Guys, you have to vote for her. This performance was moving and …just so amazing.

Shakira said that Michelle is very authentic.

Adam said this was one of her break-out moments.

“That’s it, that’s the thing to do.” – Blake

Michelle Chamuel “True Colors” Video

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