Michelle Chamuel has done Team Usher proud! And he’s very invested in her. “I don’t feel like a coach anymore, I feel like a friend,” he said of Chamuel.

Michelle Chamuel

Michelle Chamuel

The Song: “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane

The Reaction from Judges: Shakira said she thought this would be another amazing week for Michelle. “You have made so much progress,” she noted. She praised the ability to go from low registers to the falsetto at the right times. Adam Levine said, “It’s so cool, seeing Michelle, knowing you from the past season too, and coming back…continuing to just impress us and carving out your own spot in the universe.”

The Reaction from Coach Usher: “I felt like it 100% was a great performance on your part.” He liked that it showed her vulnerability.

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