Not there to mess around, Michelle Chamuel literally gave us goosebumps with “Raise Your Glass” on The Voice 2013.

The Voice Season 4

The Voice Season 4

Song Choice:
“Raise Your Glass”
P!nk (Pink)

“I think I represent nerdy people.” – Michelle

Usher told her to keep breathing and not over-exert. To work on not getting winded, he showed her how to try. They jumped rope, and then did push-ups. And Usher loved that she’s in there and ready to do the work.

AS soon as Michelle started singing, you could see Usher grinning. And I have to say, Michelle is really powerful and she really draws you in to like her and all she’s bringing. She’s unique, different, and someone you can really root for without it ever feeling like pity. (Because hello, check that talent!)

“I can tell that Michelle gives it all. You are a performer.” – Shakira

“You were really performing …” – Adam, he said he’d give the win to her.

“It was like someone had told her just before she got on stage that she had won the lottery.” – Blake

She won the knockout over Audrey Karrasch.


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