“Things like this happen on Team Usher.” …Things like what, exactly? Like Taylor Swift walking in on the rehearsal! And as Carson Daly said, the most enthusiastic crowd response happened after this song was performed by Chamuel. Woo! “That’s like TRL Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees live,” Daly said.

Michelle Chamuel

Michelle Chamuel

The Song: “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift

The Reaction from Judges: Taylor Swift said during rehearsals that Michelle had picked really great runs and that her cover was very emotional. Adam Levine said he didn’t have to say anything because you could just listen to the audience cheering. “I’m so freaking jealous right now. Dammit,” said Blake Shelton. To Usher he said, “You got Taylor to come in there?”

The Reaction from Coach Usher: “I guess we knew that we had trouble when she walked in,” he said. “At the base at all of Taylor’s music is emotion.” Usher said he really got the whole visual, and he hopes we all vote and “upload – or download” her rendition. “It was incredible.” Team Usher!

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