Michaela Paige was the first to perfume for The Voice live show tonight.

Looking like the hybrid child of Avril Lavigne and Ashley Simpson circa 2001, she had her mohawk smoothed down but was wearing every Betsy Johnson-esque over-the-top accessory she could get her hands on. Tiny hat? Oh yes. There was a tiny hat.

Christina said Paige had become one of her favorites in the competition because she’s so fun to watch. She also said her voice was “bright and bold” as well as full of energy. “It’s not fluffy at all,” she then said.

A fluffy voice?

Christina didn’t fully explain this. She went into something about how her voice doesn’t get screechy up in the higher notes. Does that equal not fluffy?

Cee Lo said Paige was also one of his favorites. “You have such an effortless… performance. It’s not easy to do. To remain focused and clear as you’re moving. You really work the stage like a professional.”

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