No one could ever accuse me of being overly Scientific, except when it comes to methods for applying eyeshadow so that it doesn’t crease or fade (oh yes, there ARE ways). But when you bring Michael Emerson aka Ben Linus of Lost into the equation, I can maybe get a tad interested in science.

Michael Emerson as Ben Linus on Lost. He's an evil genius. Photo: ABC

Michael Emerson as Ben Linus on Lost. He's an evil genius. Photo: ABC

Dr.  Craig Venter has recently announced he and his team have created a living, self-replicating cell. That’s pretty major. Even I know that. Because this is a big break- through for science, and causes so many questions in the religious and scientific worlds, the Science Channel is airing a special all about it.

This special is called Creating Synthetic Life and it will air on Thursday, June 3rd at 8pm EST. Is the Dharma Iniative involved? Well, just a tad. Ben Linus aka Emmy-Award winning Lost alumnus Michael Emerson will be narrating the special for us. As if science couldn’t be freaky enough on its own, eh? Kidding!

Following the special at 9pm ET, Science Channel will present Creating Synthetic Life: Your Questions Answered with Emmy Award-winning journalist Paula Zahn hosting a roundtable discussion with Dr. Venter; journalist and author Michael Specter; futurist, inventor and author Raymond Kurzweil; George Church, professor of genetics at Harvard University; Father Nicanor Pier Giorgio Austriaco and others, exploring important ethical, scientific and societal questions surrounding Dr. Craig Venter’s recent announcement.

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