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Golden Globes Tidbits You May Have Missed But Should Know (live blogging!):

Julianna Margulies kissed George Clooney (Carol and Doug on ER, guys!) on her way up to the stage where she dissed NBC as everyone is tonight, “I’d like to thank Les Moonves and Nina Tassler for believing in the 10 o’clock drama.” Sorry NBC but that is fully deserved.

I teared up watching Michael C Hall‘s speech. “Hi Mom!” So endearing. So well-worded.

Ricky Gervais joked about Paul McCartney‘s divorce. Whaaatwhyyyynooo.

There was a L’Oreal commercial for something with a ‘scrublet’. HAHA. (Go 360 Clean is the name.)

Amy Adams is still very pregnant. She did not give birth on stage, but that would have been so awesome.

Oh man, January Jones, why you gotta wear that horrible headband?!!?

Drew Barrymore looked so great, but I felt like her dress had giant sea urchins. She was up there with the Grey Gardens people when it won, and the acceptance speech for that was WAY too long. People should not write out speeches, especially when they can’t read what they wrote and sound all mumbly.

Kate Hudson @ The Golden Globes… The dress is …almost good. The hair and earrings are perfect. But that top needs help.

Sandra Bullock in The Proposal was nominated? (Update, no, The Blind Side, duh.) That movie was AWFUL! She was up against Meryl Streep for two roles in that category. The Globe went to Streep for Julie and Julia. I approve, I guess. I’m getting a migraine from this awards show. But it went away as Streep took the stage. “I wanna change my name to T-Bone. T-Bone Streep”. God, how can you not love her? “I’ve played so many extraordinary women that I keep getting mistaken for them. I’m just the vessel.” (Paraphrase) Psh!

No one does a speech like Meryl Streep. No one. “I am honestly conflicted how to have my happy movie-self in the face of everything happening in the real world. That’s when I have my Mother’s voice come to me, shoot some money to Partners in Health, be damn grateful you have the dollars to help, put on your dress… I am really grateful…” (Paraphrase, she went so fast, but she was like the Golden Globes mother because that’s what all of those people probably really needed to hear. Even me. I have so much guilt. And unlike them, I’m not wearing diamonds worth more than the mortgage of a house.)

Drew Barrymore won for Grey Garden’s and she was the most adorable, amazing, sweet, bumbling woman up there. Comical but also so amazing she made you cry. Barrymore said, “I’ve been in this room since I was 7, and I have no idea what to do!” She finished her speech with, “I am humbled and honored. Thank you.”

Cameron Diaz wore a long red dress and she looked kind of like a waxy candle to me. Not her face, the dress sheen!

Ricky Gervais introduced Jennifer Aniston as “Rachel from Friends”. The slit up Aniston’s dress was a BIT too high to be tasteful.

Whoever was sitting next to Quentin Tarantino in a white dress looked kind of like Brittany Murphy and it gave me shivers.

Anna Kendrick is getting lots of praise tonight, but I kind of find her annoying to look at.

WHOA. Jennifer Garner looks like Hilary Swank.

Maggie Gyllenhaal is wearing a peachy/pink dress that looks like origami.

Julie Roberts might be the only person with a group of people she really wants to be with, and who really is making a fun night out of enduring an awards ceremony.

Everyone on Twitter is commenting on Sophia Loren and her body. But the styling of her dress, makeup and hair – even jewelry, all bad!

“Please welcome two NBC stars Zachary Levi and Amy Poehler.” Hehe. They had great interaction, at least. Two of NBC’s best. “Whenever I think about sexy secret agents I think of Jason Bourne. (They cut to Matt Damon who was grinning) Then I fake it and think of you” – Amy Pohler to ZacharyLevi.

Aw, Hugh Laurie put his stylish glasses on! I wish House MD would win something tonight.

Mad Men won, blarghy blargh. It’s a good show, yes. But John Hamm‘s beard is distracting me.

A commercial for the new movie Dear John with Amanda Seyfried. It looks so good. I have a bad feeling it’ll let me down. Just like all men named John!

Christina Hendricks is wearing a peach dress designed by Christian Siriano. And that’s what happens when you let him design your dress. Yup.

Boo at Taylor Lautner, go away.

Chace Crawford with Kristen Bell. Her dress makes her look too stumpy because of her black shoes!

Rose Byrne looks like a goddess.Oh, is it because she is one?

Jane Lynch actually looks beautiful in her green dress.

Chloe Sevigny just won and her dress got ripped. Yipes. The dress is gorgeous in THEORY, but it makes her look like a boho blob.

With such naturally rosy red cheeks, Quentin Tarantino could easily play a mall santa. Just sayin’!

Ooo John Krasinski! Just the smallest flicker of him on screen.

Hey  guess who is funny – Bobby DeNiro! Martin Scorsese is honored. Try to find the ‘Scorsese sex film canister’ on youtube, Leonardo DiCaprio just told us to! “Shared landscape” I really like that term which Scorsese just used. And, “So that we could live in their wonders.” I adore him.

30 Rock is up against Glee, The Office and Modern Family. I love them all. Glee won, though. Gooood on them! Everybody is happy for them. Even me. God, I don’t want to cry again. Omg Jayma May‘s dress is beautiful! Well, they all have beautiful dresses. Even the men. No – I mean tux’s. “This is for anybody and everybody who got a wedging in high school.”

Reese Witherspoon presents an award to The Hangover. Tina Fey looked especially happy that a comedy can win! So does Jennifer Aniston. The Hangover was the underdog in this category.

Guess what – *I* didn’t see Avatar and I don’t feel like my life is severely lacking because of that fact. I think I havne’t because I’d rather just watch a Smurf cartoon. And every clip I’ve seen for that movie involves Zoe Saldana screeching.

Best actress golden globe winner is…Sandra Bullock for The Blind Side. Awww. By her dress I guess she wanted to be a purple fairy princess 😛 I adore her, though. She spoke German, aw!

Every time they show Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger I am just STUNNED by her horrible dress. I love her, but man. I want to see Josh!

Robert Downey Jr. “If you start playing violins I will tear this place apart.” 😀 This guy is so dapper and dashing and funny. This speech is great. Am I a Puritan because I wonder if they can say “asses” on TV?

Avatar won. Blah blah.

Julia Roberts is really America’s Sweetheart. I know she was in that movie America’s Sweethearts which (even though it had John Cusack) wasn’t THAT great of a movie. But yea. Julia Roberts. She. Is. Legend.

And that winds up the live-blogging! You can stop refreshing the page now. Love you guys! Ciao for now.