The Sing Off season 2 contestants are varied, and all undoubtedly talented (we hope.) Do you think you can single out the top three groups out of the ten?

whiffenpoofs sing off

Whiffenpoofs of Yale: New Haven, Conneticut

Trivia: “Comprised of 14 senior Yale men, the “Whiffs” were founded in 1909, and are the world’s oldest collegiate a cappella group.”

First Impression: They may have a funny name, but they sure look dapper!

jerry lawson and talk of the town sing off

Jerry Lawson & Talk of The Town: Oakland, California

Trivia: “Jerry Lawson, a member of The Persuasions for 40 years, joined together with Talk of The Town when they were both hired to perform at a wedding in 2001.” They’ve performed with Rod Stewart.

First Impression: If Rod Stewart likes them, they may be some serious contenders.

committed the sing off

Committed, Huntsville, Alabama

Trivia: “This all-male group was founded in 2003 by four high school students at Forest Lake Academy.”

First Impression: I don’t like their name, as it reminds me of straight jackets. But I suspect their voices will have me forgetting this first impression.

on the rocks sing off

On the Rocks: Eugene, Oregon

Trivia: “The group has had great viral success with videos featured on various websites, with more than 6.5 million views of their popular rendition of Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance.'”

First Impression: They’ve already got a strong viral campaign, which means they already have a strong fanbase of people who will be willing to vote a lot.

street corner symphony the sing off

Street Corner Symphony: Nashville Tennesse

Trivia: “Formed in May of 2010, this group of six contains two sets of siblings.”

First Impression: I feel like we’ll either instantly love them or hate them.

Men of Note: Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Trivia: “This all-male group of eight is comprised of Cherry Hill High School West alumni, where the group was first founded.”

First Impression: I instantly feel a liking towards this group.

groove for thought the sing off

Groove For Thought: Seattle, Washington

Trivia: “Since the group’s inception in 1998, Groove For Thought brings their unique brand of jazz- and R&B-infused tunes to festival, concert, school and nightclub audiences throughout the United States and abroad.”

First Impression: Finally, I spy a female!

pitch slapped the sing off

Pitch Slapped: Boston, Massachusetts

Trivia: “Founded in 2006, this group of students from the Berklee College of Music has won numerous International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella awards.”

First Impression: A young Glee-like group!

eleventh hour the sing off

Eleventh Hour: Kettering, Ohio

Trivia: “Eleventh Hour has opened for LeAnn Rimes, The Beach Boys and sang backup for Kenny Loggins.”

First Impression: They look annoying.

the back beats the sing off

The Backbeats: Los Angeles, California

Trivia: They are, “composed of the best a cappella singers from the University of Southern California and the University of California Los Angeles.”

First Impression: I love their costumes, and their name. Plus, they’re from the very competitive town of L.A. which only lets the cream rise.

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