We’ve gone through with a close-up look at the Project Runway season 8 Female cast members, so now it’s time for the male’s. Will they impress us more, or less?

After an in-depth look and the time it takes to let a manicure dry, we will give you this spoiler: our favorites are Andy South and Christopher Collins. Now, onward!

Name: Michael Drummond
Age: 31
Where is he from: St. Louis, MO
Profession: Knitwear designer/freelance stylist

Our quick observation: He has incredibly great energy.

Name: A.J. Thouvenot
Age: 26
Where is he from: St. Louis, MO
Profession: Designer for TrashBiscuit

Our quick observation: We think Katy Perry would wear his clothes.

Name: Mondo Guerra
Age: 32
Where is he from: Denver, CO
Profession: Freelance designer

Our quick observation: We’ve seen him once before. This time he’s come back with a refined pov. He has a “hip” aesthetic. Gotta love that puffy bubble skirt with the poodle top!

Name: Nicholas D’Aurizio
Age: 32
Where is he from: Lake Forest, IL
Profession: Handbag designer

Our quick observation: We love that he enjoys to read so much. AND HE REFERENCED GILMORE GIRLS. Love him. Maybe not loving his hair as much…but we can deal with that later. His designs are interesting. Make sure to watch his casting – because his confirmation call is adorable.

Name: Casanova
Age: 33
Where is he from: Astoria, NY
Profession: Fashion Designer designer

Our quick observation: He is a very happy, very passionate man. Not sure if we like his designs very much, however…

Name: Andy South
Age: 23
Where is he from: Waipahu, HI
Profession: Freelance designer, and personal assistant to another designer.

Our quick observation: The silk dress, the coat, the lantern-inspired sleeves, his reversible hoodie… we love everything he’s showing us! He’s one of our favorite male designer’s in this cast.

Name: Michael Costello
Age: 27
Where is he from: Palm Springs, CA
Profession: Fashion designer

Our quick observation: The shapes to his dresses are nice. Not sure about the fabric choices he has.

Name: Christopher Collins
Age: 30
Where is he from: San Francisco, CA
Profession: Fashion designer

Our quick observation: We really like his designs. That stretch denim dress is fabulous, as is the jersey dress with the sash.

Name: Jason Troisi
Age: 33
Where is he from: Greenwich, CT
Profession: Landscape designer (glorified lawn cutter)

Our quick observation: That orange top, and the burgundy dress? He makes some really cool stuff. But some pieces, like the silver pants, are less impressive.

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