The World Premiere Movie Event of Mean Girls 2 will air on ABC Family on Sunday, January 23rd at 8/7. Prior to that will be an airing of the original Mean Girls.

mean girls 2

Mean Girls 2 stars Meaghan Martin (ABC Family’s 10 Things Things I Hate About You), Nicole Gale Anderson (Make It Or Break It), Dieog Boneta (Pretty Little Liars), and Tim Meadows. It’s largely Disney-actress based, even though the original Mean Girl, Lindsay Lohan, (also Disney alum) hasn’t turned out so bright and shiny. The question people like Tina Fey, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chambert and Lizzy Caplan probably still get asked now? “So, what was Lindsay REALLY like?”

Mean Girls 2 Summary: When new girl Jo (Martin) arrives at North Shore High School, her main goal is to skate under the radar to survive her senior year and definitely not get involved in any of the typical high school trappings. But her plan goes awry quickly when she meets Abby (Jennifer Stone), a girl stuck at the low end of the high school food chain and favorite target of “The Plastics” (Maiara Walsh, Claire Holt and Nicole Gale Anderson). After defending Abby against the queen bee of the school and lead Plastic, Mandi (Walsh), Jo is dragged into the very same girl drama she was hoping to avoid.

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