We can’t speak for you, but our favorite hubby on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has to be Mauricio. That’s Kyle Richards husband.

His name is Mauricio Umansky and the pair got married in 1996. Mauricio is from Mexico and Jewish. With Richards, they have three daughters: Alexia, Sophia and Portia. Richards also has another daughter from her first marriage, Farrah.

Mauricio’s job involves selling luxury real estate in California.

And one of his most important jobs seems to being a rock, and source of support for Kyle. This was demonstrated while everyone (minus Taylor Armstrong) was in Hawaii to celebrate Mauricio’s birthday. Because Kim Richards and Kim’s boyfriend Ken were causing Kyle distress, Mauricio got involved to ask some questions and let it be known that he wasn’t okay with the way the pair were disrespecting everyone else by being so late to everything and then acting like it was no big deal.

Even though it was his birthday, Mauricio was very concerned with making sure his wife was okay and that their friends didn’t feel too awkward. He’s a straight shooter, and we like that about him. If only sister Kim could find a guy that’s just as nice.