matthew gray gubler

Matthew Gray Gubler is an actor on Criminal Minds. That’s a show I’ve seen only a few times – and liked, but just didn’t find the time for in my TV schedule. I’ve noticed that Gubler’s had a sudden rise in popularity and I never knew why. Until today. Today is the day I learned.

See, he’s witty and dances like a spaz. Which essentially makes him my new most favorite person. If I had a show like Oprah does about ‘My Favorite Things’ it would be ‘My Favorite People’ and he would be invited.

I learned how jazzy he is via the video blogs he does. I’d like to get this guy in a room with David Tennant and John Mayer, and just like, have a tea party. You’d think tea parties would be lame, but not with those dudes. No way. I can’t even fathom the idea of it being anything less than stellar.

And Jason Alexander can be there too, if he really wants.

(In case you haven’t realized, the title is something Gubler says as a sarcastic joke. If you didn’t watch the video, you may be confused. And if you did watch the video, you may be confused by your love for him. It’s okay. Weep gently into my arms.)