Why is Matthew Fox so damn angry?! He lived in paradise aka Hawaii for six years and had one of the most popular TV shows of the decade. Can he stop pouting now, please? It’s getting embarrassing, Fox.

The dramatic panel of actors considered for an Emmy included Matthew Fox (Lost), Matther Bomer (White Collar), Ray Romano (Men of a Certain Age), Jon Hamm (Mad Men), Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood) and Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad). The effect of these men talking together means these Emmy Roundtables put together by The Hollywood Reporter deliver more honesty than a year’s worth of celebrity interviews in any given magazine. Perhaps it has to do with the element of trying to be their best in front of their peers? Read on for this worthwhile group interview.

My impression of the actors here: Alexander Skarsgard is surprisingly funny, Matthew Fox seems somewhat pissed off at everyone in charge (grateful much?) and is subtly pushing his movie career, Ray Romano is on his game, Jon Hamm is slightly boring, Bryan Cranston is well-spoken enough to make me want to start watching his show, and Matthew Bomer is respectful and maybe a little shy – but also willing to prove himself with some zingers.

THR: Do you approach a dramatic role differently than a comedic one?

Bryan Cranston: You have to know the tone of your show. This show (“Breaking Bad”), for instance, is very dark, so the things I look for are the subtle opportunities to lighten it up a little bit. Every good drama has a nice sprinkling of levity to it, and every good comedy has its sincere moments to surprise the audience. What I don’t like is whenever the lay person in Nebraska can sense it — set-up, set-up, here comes the punchline. If the audience can sense it and is way ahead of you, you’ve lost them.

THR: Do reviews hurt?

Hamm: Yeah, if they suck. If someone says you stink at your job, that doesn’t feel great. I can viscerally remember Tom Shales’ review of the first season of “Mad Men,” which said this would have been a good show if someone good had been the lead. And I was like, “Hmm!” (Laughs.)

Skarsgard: Who’s laughing now?

Bomer: Suck it, Tom Shales!

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Quote highlight: “Well, comedians. I mean no offense, but we’re really the most screwed up people around. In a good way. We’re narcissistic, but we also hate ourselves.” – Ray Romano