Guess what, kids?? We are getting so close to the Season 2 premiere of Awkward on MTV. I can’t wait!! I was very happy to be given the opportunity to talk with a couple members of the cast. First up… Matthew Fahey aka Ricky Schwartz.

Photographer: Deidhra Fahey Photography / Stylist: Audrey Brianne

Just as a reminder, Ricky Schwartz is sort of King of the Nerds at the high school and he is also the love interest of Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed), best friend to the heroine, Jenna (Ashley Rickards). While things went back and forth for Ricky and Tamara during season 1, in the end they finally got together at the Formal. It was an awwww moment. I talked to Fahey about what is to come with Ricky in Season 2 and what else he has going on. He’s very busy!

Ricky was a bit of a player in the first season and kept Tamara on a long cord. It was nice to see him come through at formal… and be her missed connection. What’s coming up for him this season?
Well, you can expect him to be pretty nice, but you know, Ricky always has something up his sleeve. He’s always surprising everyone.

Ricky was King of the Nerds last season, do we get to see more of that and see him outside of his world with Tamara?
I don’t know if we’ll see more of his nerdiness, but he’s just the biggest cheeseball in the world. He goes and talks to girls, but not in the smoothest way. I don’t know how he gets girls. It’s strange. I guess he’s not as much of a nerd this season. He got a haircut, so he doesn’t have that awful mop on his head.

Well that’s good!
Yes. He’s a little bit cooler this season, I would say. But he’s still the typical Ricky and still nerdy.

Do we get to meet any members of his family? Because I really want to see where that kid comes from.
No… you don’t meet any of his family, but that would be pretty hilarious.

That’s something to bring up for season 3. I would just want to see the people that spawned this kid – they are probably the most normal parents ever.
Yeah… he’s probably super respectful at home with his parents. ‘Hello, Mom and Dad! How are you?’ He probably has these, like, super strict parents and at home he’s not Ricky at all.

Later, we talked about some of the people he’s worked with over the years. One, Kris Polaha is going to be guesting on Awkward this season. They were on the Judy Greer show, Miss Guided together and Fahey was happy to work with him again. I personally am ecstatic that Polaha is going to be on something with a little more humor than Ringer! Some of Fahey’s guest spots have included stints on Rizzoli and Isles on TNT and the hit FX series, Justified. I hoped that his character on R&I would make a return… once he got out of jail, as did Fahey. And he said he loved working on Justified because he got to be kicked in the chest by Timothy Olyphant. We both agreed that would count as a highlight for anyone.

Now that Awkward is finished shooting he’s heading out on auditions and is also busy with his own production company, I-95 Pictures. Yep – he has his own production company. I feel like I haven’t done enough with my day.

Tell me about the production company…
We write, direct, produce, shoot commercials, short films, we are about to start a feature. We also have a web series, Never Fade Away which has Devon Werkhelser in it, Justin Deeley, Drew Garrett… a bunch of people. And he wakes up one day and no one remembers who he is. He is trying to find himself andfind out why no one remembers him. And he kinda has these flashbacks about what happened and it turns out he’s actually in a coma and he’s not awake at all. It’s about not taking anything for granted.

Fahey also shot a music video for Ellie Smith which has been part of an anti-bullying campaign that Smith has be working on. Pretty great cause, so you should check that out as well.

Before I let Fahey get back to his clearly busy life, I had to ask him one question. I think you know what it is….

Are you Team Matty or Team Jake?
Ohh…. Ummm… Let’s say this. I was Team Matty at the end of the season. And then I was Team Jake this season.

Oooo… intrigue! Now I’m even more interested to see what happens.
Definitely. Yeah, I just felt so bad for him at the end of last season so I was Team Matty. He was just so sad.

He did have the sad eyes…
[laughs] Yeah… but then this season I was definitely on Team Jake. And…. well, you guys will have to see what happens.

So there you have it. I remain firmly on Team Matty, btw. But I still love Jake. Oh, enjoying fictional teenage life is hard, y’all!

Be sure to check out all those links I have above for Fahey’s work. And check out Matthew Fahey as Ricky Schwartz when Awkward returns to MTV with Season 2 on Thursday June 28th at 10:30pm.

And keep it here at Small Screen Scoop for my upcoming interview with the funniest BFF ever, Tamara aka Jillian Rose Reed.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae