Matt Bomer is gearing up for his USA Network show White Collar to have it’s season 2 premiere on July 13th. But some of us can’t seem to get over the sheer fact that….well, we can’t get over his sheer, wet T-shirt. Certain things seem to pop.

While his hair on White Collar is flowy and petable (don’t even tell us you wouldn’t pet it), when styled (you don’t think they style most of the candid things?) with water for this shoot Bomer seemed to be channeling Ian Somerhalder. It’s a very subtle nod to a fellow hot TV actor (they’re both unofficial members of the Hot TV Actors Association.) Bomer did not come right out and say, ‘I think Ian’s hair is something I would like to try.’ But it’s all in the subtext.

Next up, could Somerhalder please feel compelled to put on a wet T-shirt like Bomer? We’ll be standing by.

If you think Matt Bomer is crush-worthy wearing an expertly tailored suit as con-man Neal Caffrey on USA’s White Collar, wait until you see him in jeans and a t-shirt… – EW

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To compare, check out Ian Somerhalder’s hair.

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