It’s unusual this show even got a second season.


Dani’s “Opportunity”

Sweet Dani went to Cosmo (Not Cosmo Teen, it seemed important for her to specify this) to hear a pitch. But while viewers like myself thought it was going to be for some sort of ongoing column, it was about a one-time story for an ongoing segment they had. Basically, like a guest blogger kind of thing. And since they wanted her (and Kevin Jonas) for the bit she really could have told them that now wasn’t a good time and she could do it in 8 months or something. Instead, she held to it and told Kevin it was like her job and she couldn’t miss it. So she wanted to miss the South Africa trip they’d been planning for a long while already.

I felt bad for Dani because, hello, that opportunity wasn’t a job. It was like “you’re famous because of your husband, and people want to see his house!”

Some people think Kevin’s reaction was selfish, but it seemed to make sense in the context of what she wanted to ditch the tour for. Of course, it kind of went too far as he kept talking.

Here’s the most wretched example:

Danielle: “The one time I get an opportunity…now this is my turn to do something…I’ll meet you if I can, Kevin!”

Kevin: “….you do things, you support me!”

Either Kevin Jonas really wants his wife/babysitter everywhere, or E! told this couple to have more drama for the show to be interesting.

Dani and Mrs. Jonas

Kevin’s Mom was in NYC during the time Kevin and Danielle were. An “impromptu” trip to a hat store happened under the guise of Mrs. Jonas saying to Dani that “maybe they (hats) can be your thing!” Sure, if you can’t brand her image right away, why not see if she can be “that wacky girl who always wears hats.” Lordy!

We saw Mrs. Jonas being nice, for once, to Dani. She was telling her about how to harness confidence. And then we heard Danielle tell us how Mrs. Jonas has always been a fountain of wisdom for her. IT all seemed very manufactured and it still seems like Mrs. Jonas loathes Danielle.

The real stars

We also saw a bit with Joe Jonas and Dani’s brother, Mikey Deleasa. Joe has a lot of humor, and is fun to watch. Mikey seems like a great bro for him.

Married to Jonas Season 2, Episode 3