There’s no reason to think you won’t love the PBS reality series Market Warriors.

Accidental channel surfing sometimes results in great finds, and I made such a discovery on PBS when I discovered this series. It immediately struck me as being similar to beloved series like Storage Wars, Pawn Stars and Antiques Road Show. In fact, the Market Warriors twitter account describes it as:

Four seasoned treasure hunters embark on an antiques adventure in Market Warriors, a new series from the producers of Antiques Roadshow.

The cast of characters was instantly likable, amplifying their appeal by displaying knowledge worth knowing, humor worth a smile, and charm worth everything. There’s John Bruno “The Professor”, Kevin Bruneau “The Prowler”, Bob Richter “The Designer” and Miller Gaffney “The Assessor.” In a group, together, they are like affable teasing siblings. And though I like them all, and find them all worthy of watching, I do have a favorite.

Brains and beauty, yup! She’s very beautiful, so it’s no big shock that “Miller Gaffney Hot” is a popular google search with her name. Photo Credit: Miller Gaffney Art Website

Miller Gaffney is a friendly Southern-accented blonde whose impeccably stylish appearance would be approved by Nina Garcia. I admit to zeroing in on her as a sort of modern superhero nerd woman template, wishing I was wearing her designer dress while showing off a knowledge of how to properly discern the worth on a sterling silver pocket watch or bisque head antique doll. (You can find her at Miller Gaffney Art Advisory.)

Another great aspect of the show is hearing the tips on how these pro’s work the market floor to get the best deals. Whether you’re working at a big box store, a host of frequent garage sales, or a writer like me – you’ll find gems of universal truth to apply to your world no matter if you’re trying to make sales or get deals. Once warmed-over with this knowledge, you’ll be in-the-know.

So, go ahead – increase your knowledge with Market Warriors on PBS.

Website: Market Warriors

Market Warriors airs Mondays at 9/8 c on PBS. Photo Credit: PBS.