Wanna see Mark Salling riding a horse? Sure you do! And I’m going to make that happen for you. But first, some info! Mark Salling of Glee has an upcoming solo album called Pipe Dreams coming out for Gleeks everywhere to adore. He has now posted a preview of Pipe Dreams with video footage of him in the studio and him during a recent photoshoot he did. (This is where you’ll see him riding a horse. He seems like a modern day cowboy, eh?)

Salling says, “As an artist, your number one goal is to say something. To really say something. Whether you’re right or wrong.” He continued, “I want to get people thinking, talking – to understand where I’m coming from.”

For more information on Mark Salling’s album Pipe Dreams, visit his Facebook page. Pipe Dreams will be released on October 12, 2010.

Pipe Dreams EPK Teaser from Mark Salling on Vimeo.

The Pipe Dreams preview video is also available here. Let us know what you think – will you be buying Mark Salling’s album?