Pic from Oprah.com

Mark Salling is Clean Cut in this pic from Oprah.com

We didn’t get enough of a Puck fix on Glee this week, though the episode rocked (even when I mistake typing Quinn for Finn!). So here’s this! Mark Salling took questions from his Twitter friends for a little Q&A, here’s what transgressed:


@ruthchong my favorite song now is the becoming by nine inch nails or dissident by pearl jam. yes im stuck in the 90’s, such great music


@Mark_Salling if you could tour with anyone dead or alive who would you tour with

@ashleyxxjonas i would probably want to tour with radiohead

@Mark_Salling If you could eat at one place everyday..what would it be?

@erinwilson11 probably california chicken cafe, and i practically did from 2004 to 2008 cause i worked right next to one, never got old

@Mark_Salling Youre from Dallas, right? What’s the thing you miss most about your hometown?

@AlexaLovesYou aside from my dog and family, probably jakes hamburgers and my disc golf course

@Mark_Salling where is your favorite place in the world? 🙂 please reply xxxxxx

@hbx_ definitely on my grandmas lake fishing in mineola texas

@Mark_Salling is there any reason you didn’t like the mohawk…it was sweet.

@__laurenS not that i didnt like the mohawk, just imagine having such an xtreme cut for over a year. it gets old, and no it wasnt fake, haha

@Mark_Salling What was your first concert ever?

@Tammykins the toadies at the will rogers coliseum in fort worth in probably 1995

@Mark_Salling if u wouldn´t be cast for glee what would u be doing?

@Carina_Prince probably still teaching gtr at hollywood academy of music, btw, thanks for being such a wonderful fan sweetie

@Mark_Salling Are you working on a new album?

@JonsIslandGirl im always writing and recording so when i do have time, ill drop another, btw i get such great pic updates from u, thanks
@Mark_Salling Watching you right now. With someone called Alica, she is very proud of you. She wants you to know how much she love you!

@jabravatti aw, i love her too. wouldnt be here without her

@Mark_Salling what’s the strangest piece of FAKE gossip you’ve heard about yourself!?

@missmiss79 that my mohawk is fake, or that im 5’4. im 6’0 actually

@mark_salling is your real grandma in ‘pipe dreams’??? love this song 🙂

@Chaaves yes it is. her name is bess wherry

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