lost season 6

Evangeline Lilly did an interview with Josh Holloway for TV Guide to promote Lost. It was supposed to be all fun and promotional, with the interviewer posing questions about who Kate and Sawyer should end up with in the end. As Lilly told us she’d like Kate to be on her own, she then started listing  other possible date options for Kate. When she mentioned Locke she used the cliche of “Sexy Devil” and then with an A-HA moment, turned and nodded to Holloway in a major slip. It is very possible that Locke is now the devil incarnate! That, or she totally planned that fake spoiler. Because really, WATCH. And if Locke is the devil, it’s ironic that he’s posed as Jesus in the above photos. Omg, IT’S THE DA VINCI CODE ALL OVER AGAIN! SECRETS AND LIES AND POLAR BEARS. Oh my.

Another small, possible spoiler is the way it is implied that both Sawyer and Kate will survive and be back in L.A. I don’t know if this is a spoiler, considering it could have just been a joke, and Holloway might not know the end yet either. I have no idea how much they’ve shot of season six. Ahhh, excitement!

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