We’ve got a new strategy for you if you want to get work done. And we owe it all to Mad Men’s latest episode, “Waldorf Stories.”

My favorite scene in Mad Men “Waldorf Stories” involved Peggy. It seems she’s become so much more self-assured and has had the most character growth out of any of the other character’s. Instead of being desperately annoying, Peggy is now level-headed, wiser, and the champion (and underdog) of the show.

When Peggy decided to challenge her co-worker getting naked in a hotel room to make him work, she was the one taking control. She wasn’t victimized or feeling vulnerable. He was the one who had insisted on not working and looking at Playboy (or whatever magazine it was.) It’s not that I’m in favor of sexism or being unfair to men, but I thought it was a wake up call to the ignorant co-worker that Peggy knows what she’s doing. And it was also an excellent use of gender reversal to surprise the audience. A woman doing that in the 60’s? That’s huge. Peggy’s a revolutionary. She just doesn’t know it yet. She’s definitely not meek anymore. And that’s something to celebrate. Even if she didn’t get the award she rightfully deserved.

Favorite Mad Men Moment: Joan holding Roger and Don’s hands under the table as their award was read. They both wanted something different from her, and it was beautifully shot.