Read this Mad Men “The Other Woman” review to see how we managed to seamlessly reference “West Side Story” – and it totally works.

Pete has Gall

Of COURSE Pete would take the offer of prostitution to Joan, and act like he was trying to be a good guy about it. That’s the kind of guy he is. He’s also, apparently, the sort who would reference Cleopatra and try to make the whole thing seem like a queenly business. Maybe in the Middle Ages, dude. Pete is just not subtle, at all. And then he has the GALL (I love that word) to say he hopes he hasn’t insulted her? Class act, that one. I know we all hate Pete Campbell, but it’s interesting to see the new ways in which he inspires this hate.

West Side Board Meeting

Seeing both ad companies pass each other at Jaguar was comical and awesome. It was like West Side Story – the Sharks and the Jets were about to dance/fight! God, I wish. That would have been awesome.

The Secret Diary of Joan

The reveal that Joan slept with Herb before Don ever got there. Now that I never saw coming from around the corner. I did think that even after listening to him, she’d still have gone through with it. Would Don really have dissuaded her? Lane didn’t. And I don’t know if it’s because her fridge was broken, or Lane mentioned the better deal she could get… and it’s not that she’s the prostitute sort at all… But everything aligned in such a way that it happened. Something interesting is that I don’t think Don was trying to stop Joan because he was concerned about her, I think it’s because his ego got in the way. He wanted to believe they could win Jaguar without any other help. And I think that he is ultimately going to be mad at Joan about this. Because he’ll never know if they won it fair and square. And he also has to know that she’s a partner, now. (Of course, everyone will know why Joan is… and she might have a break down about that… I would.)

Goodbye, Peggy – Hello, World!

Finally, I like what happened with Peggy in this Mad Men season 5 episode. I like that her leaving was treated with respect, and we had some time taken aside to treat it seriously. I like that Don was shocked about it. I LOVE that her new employee really values her and will hopefully keep on giving her that much respect. And I like that the musical cue when Peggy left for good was on a high note. I’m excited to see where she’ll go and how she’ll fare.

I’m curious to hear what you guys think about what was going on in Don’s head!

Mad Men “The Other Woman” Review

Photo: AMC