These popular 1960’s dance moves will come in handy on Sunday.


Pictured above is Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and Meagan (Jessica Pare) seemingly enjoying each other’s company at a cocktail party. (Although Don’s resigned smile looks a bit awkward and forced….)

For those of you planning on having a similar party to celebrate the Mad Men season 6 premiere this Sunday, dancing may also be on the proverbial menu. To aid you in successfully pulling off such moves, we have a YouTube video for you. The description says:

An entertaining 1960′s TV Show Dance Party music video. The video is a compilation of several classic 60′s television shows with Let’s Dance by Chris Montez (1962) as the song they are dancing to.

Gidget (Sally Field), Mary Tyler Moore (The Dick Van Dyke Show), and Gomer Pyle (Jim Nabors) all have dance moves worth checking out in the clips.

Popular 1960’s Dance Moves include:

  • The Twist
  • The Stroll
  • The Hully Gully
  • Mashed Potato
  • The Watusi
  • The Pony
  • The Swim
  • The Madison

Watch the video and see if you feel like dancing. If not, have a cocktail and try it again. You’re sure to get in the groove eventually.

Mad Men season 6 premieres on AMC this Sunday – April 7, 2013.  Photo Credit: AMC