Betty’s a Barbie again, and it’s only going to get her into trouble.


Mad Men Review

Don & Betty

Well, suddenly Betty has lost all of her excess weight and is back to looking a bit like a Barbie Doll. We’ve hardly had time to realize she’s confident again, and then the show gave us a taste of what “happy Betty” is like. She’s happy to flirt with other men, be passionate with her husband, and even be passionate with her former husband. (Although she seems very at peace with the idea that she didn’t cheat with Don and it didn’t count because they’d been married before. I think I’d have to disagree on that!) Don saw her in a nice light, she was being a great Mom to Bobby and she was happy and beautiful. I didn’t see this coming until we were already inside of this episode. I think I am…glad that they hooked up, though. Although I suppose the big question is… will Don and Betty hook up again or not? Will Don re-affirm to Megan? Who knows.

I’m curious about whether Betty was going to take any other advances seriously or not. Is she going to find affairs a great new …thing!? Who knows. I almost feel like Betty will cheat again, but Don will cool it for a while. But I’ve been known to be wrong. (Don’t tell anyone that!)

Peggy & Abe

What a doof! Abe was so frustrating, it would have been more satisfying for Peggy to dump him before he dumped her. He was getting stabbed left and right, and seemed angriest at Peggy when she accidentally stabbed him. The whole thing was a mess. And, of course, now Peggy is all alone where a week ago she had three men wanting her attention (although Don didn’t want anything romantic.)

Pete & Joan

By far, my favorite scene this week was having Pete go to Joan for guidance. She’s wise, but I think many years ago Pete would never consider Joan someone he could go to.

Roger (all alone!)

Do you feel bad for him? I think I do. But I know this is a mess of his own making.

Question: Do you think Abe was wrong to break up with Peggy? (I’m glad he did it, but I find it a jerk move!)