Don Draper thinks the future is the Chevy Vega. If only he knew about that lemon of an engine.


In Mad Men season 6, episode 6 we saw that Don Draper was after Chevy. And in the end, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and Cutler Gleason & Chaough got the account for a “top secret” car from Chevrolet. It only has the code name of XP-887 on the show right now. But we know that it’s the Chevy Vega.

There’s a bit of interesting history about that car. It was a total lemon. The engine wasn’t good, and thousands of cars were recalled.

And it’ll be interesting to see how our “men” deal with the initial victory and inevitable downfall.

Our friends at Can’t Miss TV have made the poster you see above. The actual cast is featured – look at those little faces! The graphic skills at work here are supremely impressive.

We have the actual Chevy Vega ad for you to check out, as well.

The real ad for the Chevy Vega.

A real ad for the Chevy Vega.