Roger and Sally’s flirtationship got sour around the Baked Alaska.

Glen has returned! He’s no longer creepy, instead he’s clearly Sally’s one true love! (Or future stalker, either one.) And we get a glimpse of him at camp (school?) where they used to have one pay phone in the hall that everyone had to use. When I went to summer camp we didn’t get access to phones, but I suspect that these days there’s not a kid there without a sparkly purple iPhone of their own.

We cannot forget to mention how sweet the Peggy/Joan scene played out – they’ve become reluctant friends.

And Roger is a new enthusiastic for LSD, he may not do it ever again… but he’ll never stop dispensing his LSD enlightenment.

We know that Pauline broke her ankle (broke it, seriously? brittle bone disease, man) because of the telephone cord that Sally had stretched. What’s great is that she never gets found out, and she lies to everyone about it being one of Bobby’s toys. Geez! She’s quite a good liar, although this may prove useful later on in life…

Before the Baked Alaska arrived (I’ve never had it, have you?) Roger and Sally were the cutest couple ever. I can already see fanfic set when Sally is about five years old, and she’s having a torrid affair with Roger. I really liked their little flirtationship up until Sally had to walk in and see him being serviced by her new Grandma. Yea, that’ll sting.

Something that not a lot of people will mention, aside from Sally’s Go Go boots being fun, is that Megan is a pretty decent Mom to her. She takes her shopping, she encourages her, etc. Betty has never been a nice Mom like that. So, way to go Megan! I’m on Team Megan, especially now that she has so many secret demons haunting her!

Megan succeeded majorly, but she refused to be happy about it. And I wonder why? Her Father says she has to follow her true dreams… is that about her old acting ways or something else? Either way, she’s not as happy as you’d suspect. But it’s not unhappiness in the way we’ve always seen Betty endure. It’s a hell of a lot more fun to watch, too.

“How’s the city?” – Glenn
“Dirty.” – Sally Draper

Mad Men review picture courtesy of AMC.