When you take an desperately unlikeable character (and boy, has she become desperate…) like Betty Francis (January Jones) and give her a cancer scare, it will give you mixed results from the fans.

Call me a drama whore, but I was kind of hoping Betty would have something wrong with her so she’d have a storyline that’d bring her more organically back into our Mad Men world. (Not necessarily back into Don’s arms, mind you.) Instead, as Betty would have you put it, she’s just “fat.” (I feel bad saying it, especially because this was the actress as she was pregnant.)

Oh, that Betty is “just” a bored, lonely, unhappy housewife who eats. And, call me crazy, but even Don seemed to be hoping Betty would have something going on to make her tragically beautiful instead of just tragic. (Was he prepping himself for the possible harsh reality of cancer by saying she had it to Roger, or already convinced/hoping she had it and thusly it would mean something in his life? Don’s not known for being selfless. I’m just saying.)

When it came to Peggy and the new hire, Michael Ginsberg, I was pretty impressed. There were lots of good points mentioned about the hire right off the bat – about how it would be possible for Ginsberg to end up as Peggy‘s boss, how,  er, everyone has a Jew (as Roger put it), etc. I though Ginsberg had the best quotes of the evening, and I kind of think he’d be cute in a relationship with Peggy. He’ll challenge her, that’s for sure. They have the love/hate dynamic. It starts with hate, then becomes love, then might become boring… oh, I’m such an optimist!

And for another note on Peggy, I am just flippin’ wild about her confidence, especially when used in the company of Don and Roger. She’s able to be blunt, even sarcastic. Yay operation confidence!

Which storyline did you like the best in Mad Men “Tea Leaves”?

P.S. Betty and Henry’s house is huge. And dark. And creepy.  Sally probably has nightmares.

Mad Men Quotes Season 5 Tea Leaves Quotes

Roger: I want you to bring me a good looking version of Don.

Michael: That’s what they said about Mein Kampf…kid really has a voice.

Megan (to Don): You’re so square, you’ve got corners.

Betty: It’s nice to be put through the ringer and find out…I’m just fat.

Roger: Forget everything I said before. That’s the last guy I hired (nods to Pete).