Pete Campbell is never as likeable as when he’s incorrigible.

Mad Men is a show that we love because it is peppered with little moments. Here are a few that were especially lovely in “Signal 30.”

We saw that Don Draper truly doesn’t want to go back to his old ways and cheat on his wife.

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Don Draper fixing the sink without batting an eyelash. Not that Don Draper bats his eyelashes.

Remembering the idea of learning to drive in high school by watching car accident film reels.

Alison Brie as Trudy and her fashionable wardrobe, plus her peppy hostess gig.

A drunk Don in the car who is as scary and intimidating as he is appealing.

Lane beating up Pete. Anyone beating on Pete would have been great, but Lane deserved this.

Lane’s morals. His outrage seemed strongly rooted in his morals.

That Pete writes in his bed, on actual paper. And not only do we want to read his stories, but he doesn’t give up writing. He just changes his pen name. Good on him.

The fact that Peggy read one of Pete’s stories.

Lane and Joan, how she always tips her hat to him and gives him the benefit of the doubt. When she went to pen that door and then sat back down? Magical.

Photo courtesy of AMC.