Don Draper (Jon Hamm) was sick in more ways than one in the Mad Men season 5 episode titled “Mystery Date.”

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Dammit, Don

When Don’s past began to haunt him in dreams, viewers realized how easy it would be for Don’s twisted life views to threaten his marriage to Megan.  While Don used to cheat on Betty all the time, he cannot do that to Megan. She’s not going to take it. The times have changed. And she’s a stronger woman than Betty has been in many ways. She told Don herself that he couldn’t blame it all on his ex-wife. While it was only a dream than Don had a romp with his ex-fling and then choked her to death (that’s right, choked her to death) it might reveal some weak spots in his psyche. Leaving us to wonder…will he cheat on his new wife or not? (Let’s not place bets, that’s too cruel – even to fictional characters.) Kudos to the guest star that played Andrea, who will always be first and foremost known to me as Rory Gilmore’s (Gilmore Girls) anal step Mom.

A True Girl’s Girl

A character in full swing during “Mystery Date” was Peggy, whose tete a tete with Roger Sterling is worth a re-watch. Her confidence is higher than it’s ever been. And it’s not until she later (drunkenly) reveals to Dawn that she’s not sure she can keep “acting like a man” that we know she’s noticed this difference in herself. But can she keep it up?

Lil Draper Woes

Sally started off the episode by sounding all-too-familiar with her complaints her her Dad about summer and being stuck with a babysitter she didn’t like. Her curiosity extended to the ongoing murders, and she ended up sharing some great scenes with her step-Grandma. Plenty of this episode played out like a horror movie (Peggy in the Hallway, Pauline with the butcher knife, tuna fish sandwiches – yick) and I think a 60’s era horror movie is exactly what the networks should made next. And they’ll pitch it exactly like “It’s Mad Men meets Scream!” Admit it, you’d watch that movie.

A Big Decision, a Fast Decision

When I read Joan would be making a decision, I had no idea it’d be this big. It’s the smart thing for her to do in many ways, she can’t keep waiting for someone like that. (Her guilt about the true father of the baby probably weighs heavily on her all the time. Did you notice how quickly she was to bring up that if he had cheated on her in Vietnam he didn’t have to tell her?) The smart thing, according to her Mother, might be to stay with her husband no matter what. Now she’ll be a single Mother. But she’s always been independent, and the times are ripe with women seizing their own destiny! (Huzzah!)

Did you ever believe Don had really murdered Andrea and it wasn’t a dream? Do you think Joan made the right decision? Will she end up with Roger now?

Mad Men “Mystery Date” Review

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