Mad Men season 5 picked up with some light topics like race, sexism, age and politics.

Joan as a Mom

She’s not the polished Joan we remember from previous seasons of Mad Men. Here, she’s softer and more human. She’s not detached. She’s even a little bit run down. And, boy, is her Mother annoying.

Speaking of Joan…

I wasn’t sure how much I loved this episode until we had that scene with Joan and Lane. That scene was the heart of this season 5 premiere. It made me feel snuggly and secure. They are adorable together.

Megan the Question Mark

How do you feel about Megan? I find her annoying. She’s playful sometimes, and fun. And I thought that’s why Don liked her, but he only likes her to be fun in the ways he says (like flashing him in the office, not planning parties.) And while there were flashes of seeing that she was an ambitious, independent woman…we also saw her need to be handled with kid gloves. After that, she raged at Don like a real woman – only to be seduced by a rape scenario. So, how do you figure her out? She’s independent but she craves approval, that much is clear.

Peggy’s Year

Peggy did have that moment in Don’s office where he doesn’t even care about her enough to be annoyed when she throws a jab his way… but in general Peggy has grown in enormous strides. She’s confident, bold and comfortable with herself. I like her best when she chews gum as she talks.

What was your favorite scene in the Mad Men season 5 premiere?

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