Top highlights of the Mad Men season 5 episode “Far Away Place.”

Peggy and her grape candy is a sort of…
superstitious talisman. Cute. Even though all grape candy is disgusting.

“The beans that brought them together.”
How poetic, for beans.

“Let’s not speak for Don.”
Pete Campbell coming in with a save.

No one else is going to say that beans are young and beautiful.
You’re right about that.

“Are there others like you?” – Peggy Quotes
“I don’t know. I haven’t been able to find any.” – Ginsberg Mad Men Quotes

Said by Roger Sterling.

You ever hear the one about the farmer’s daughter?
This is where it all took place.

Callback to the …
twins! And the hospital stay.

Frank Llyod Rice
Oh Roger, you kill us.

Roger Sterling took LSD with Angela Chase’s Mom.
And it was kind of beautiful.

“I have an announcement. It’s going to be a beautiful day.”
For some of us.

The episode confused us…

then made sense. It was told in three parts, in a flashback sort of trippy way. And did we mention Roger Sterling took LSD?

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