According to (probably) every hardcore TV fan in existence, it’s never too early to start getting amped for a new season of Mad Men. We know that season 4 is approaching, as it has been signaled by a collective intake of breath by fans who’ve laid eyes on the new Mad Men season 4 poster. Take off your (sun)glassses inĀ  CSI: Miami slow-motion style if you must, but get ready to see the poster again!

Mad Men season 4: Hell yes.

It’s back to basics for Don Draper (Jon Hamm) in season 4, as he’s left his job at Sterling Cooper (to form Sterling Cooper Draper & Pryce) and agreed to give his wife, Betty (January Jones), the long-time-coming divorce she was desperate to secure. The poster reflects not Don’s image in the windows, but a sense of freshness. Everything is stark and a tiny bit bare, which is in direct opposition to the Mad Men season 3 poster where Don sat in a decently-cluttered office filling with water.

If Draper was selling this print to a client he might say that it encompasses all this self-assured and confident man needs (or thinks he needs): his phone, his suit, his cigarette, and a place to do business.

While the season 3 finale left our gang in a hotel, we suspect they’ll find an office fairly quickly in season 4. We’d wager by four episodes in at the least, there’s an office in the works. Mad Men thrives on change, even if all of those 60’s businessmen didn’t. (Or did they, too? It’s hard to be an armchair psychologist to TV characters, sometimes.)

And yes, the image is subtly sexual. We have no idea what Don’s hand is doing, or what the feeling in his mind might be as he stands like that. But we have a pretty good idea. (Though we aren’t psychologists, we’re psychics!) It’s hard to venture more guesses on what his state of mind will be as he gets to pursue this new ambition, but is losing his family in the process. What kind of man is Don Draper? Does he even know what kind of man he is?

The Mad Men season 4 premiere date is Sun., July 25 at 10PM ET.

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