People want their Mad Men season 4 spoilers, and we’ve got them. In a way. While some see no spoilers available, we see plenty. Literally – we see them.

The Small Screen Scoop Decoder System says: Good ol’ Peggy Olsen. From this picture we can glean that she’s changed her hair to a more “mature” look, and coupled with her dark, serious clothing we suspect she’s going to stop trying to be a flashy girl to impress anyone, and focus more and more on her career as she becomes more confident with who she actually is. We aren’t exactly wild about this hair, but many political women sport similar do’s…. It’s kind of a power haircut.

The Small Screen Scoop Decoder System says: From this picture we can tell that Campbell, Draper and Sterling are still friendly and working together (at least in the first episode of season 4!) If we had to guess, it looks like a business meeting at a hotel banquet hall. Either way, Campbell is smiling that smile he always has, Don is stressed, and Sterling looks grumpy to have to do work. We’d have to side with Sterling on this one.

The Small Screen Scoop Decoder System says: Don is still being independent, perhaps wooing a client. This seems too formal, intimate, and romantic to be a dinner with Betty. But is this a restaurant or just a very formal dining room? We leanr towards option A, but you never know what new people Don will meet this season. But now that he won’t have a wife, don’t you wonder what his new behavior will be? Will he chase different woman, try to fall in love and stay with just one, or abstain completely from women? This picture can’t tell us who’s looking at Don, but from the way he looks…he seems…distantly intrigued.

The Small Screen Scoop Decoder System says: Sterling will always feel entitled. Don will never have enough patience, and Campbell will always want to suck up. This was a simple one to decode!

Mad Men season 4 trailer: