The special TV issue of Rolling Stone features the cast of Mad Men on the cover. In the magazine, they go behind the scenes to get to know the people on the show better, as well as the world the show lives in (right down to the detail of how a cab receipt would look in the 60’s.) The Rolling Stone cover features Elisabeth Moss, January Jones, Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks.

The Best Scene in Mad Men ‘Waldorf Stories’ Involved Hard Work

Jon Hamm talks about celebrity status: “I fly very low on the radar. Mark Twain said it: ‘I’d rather say nothing and be thought an idiot than open my mouth and remove all doubt.’ Another Missouri boy, Mark Twain. The petulant, s**tty movie-star mentality — that burns out pretty quick.”

Elisabeth Moss talks about why she was hired: “Matt always says that he basically hired a bunch of not-famous people, but people that had been working for a really long time,” she said.

January Jones talks about Betty’s ignorance: “I need not to think about my character. Betty is so blissfully ignorant in certain ways, so I feel like I should be too.”

Christina Hendricks talks about how Joan manages life: “There are all sorts of challenges thrown at her. Horrific things. And she consistently pulls it together, cleans it up and moves forward. Sometimes she’s walking through mud, but she does it.”

Vincent Kartheiser on one of his vices: “One of my few vanities,” he says, “is going to a party and people not realizing I’m the person they saw in Mad Men.”

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Pick up your copy of the Mad Men Rolling Stone cover fast as I’m sure they’ll sell out soon.