Here are the best Mad Men quotes from “The Other Woman” that made the episode so great.

I was going to watch Carson and cry myself to sleep. – Don Draper Quotes season 5

Don’t fool yourself. This is some very dirty business. – Roger Sterling

The guy has a beret. – Peggy Olson quotes season 5

How bout, Jaguar. It’s your problem, not mine. – Megan Mad Men Quotes season 5

So, whatever this is… it’s not for me. – Don Draper quotes season 5

I kept imagining the asshole who’s going to buy this car. – Ginsberg

It’s not a game. It’s my career- Peggy Olson

I think I need a chocolate shake. – Peggy Olson quotes Season 5

You really have no idea when things are good, do you? – Peggy

They day you saw something in me.. my own life changed. – Peggy

I’m sorry, but, you know this is what you would do. – Peggy