Your guide to Mad Men quotes from season 5.

This guide is for quotes from “Signal 30.”

Consider that my last piece of advice. – Lane

How lovely your face becomes when you tell me you need something. – Lane

England won the world cup. – Lane Pryce quotes
Cup of what? – Roger Sterling quotes

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Cooper speaks British. – Don Draper quotes season 5

She got this far on subterfuge. – Don Draper

It’s too bad your husband can’t close a deal like this. – Don, quotes posted by Small Screen Scoop

Don, I had to invite your accountant to your birthday part. – Megan Mad Men quotes season 5

And you get the big steak – Ken Cosgrove

No one grows up wanting to be in advertising. – Don Draper quotes season 5

A fridge in the garage? That’s a good idea. – Pete Campbell

Look, it’s Superman. – Cynthia, Mad Men quotes season 5

I’m too drunk for you to drive. – Don Draper quotes

A baby gets you going? – Megan

Lane couldn’t close a car door. – Pete Campbell

Photo from AMC.