Don Draper doesn’t like questions. / Photo: AMC

So, it’s time to finally really digest the season premiere of Mad Men, “Public Relations.”

Three Things We Liked:

Roger Sterling is still a jerk. We’re glad he hasn’t changed in an episode with so much change. And he still has the best witty one-liner’s.

The time warp of going ahead to Thanksgiving of 1964 was fun, and it didn’t make us go through the drudgery of Betty and Don’s divorce proceedings.

Joan is back with the gang, and we smile every time we see her! She’s got her own office!

Three Things We Didn’t Like

Betty and Henry are already married – we wanted to see how Betty would plan her second wedding! After all, she went all-out in decorating her living room. Betty with a wedding planner would be as fun as Charlotte Yorke (Sex and the City) with hers.

Planning that ham fiasco was morally wrong, even if it was funny. Peggy should have been smarter about this.

Don paid a prostitute – couldn’t he find anyone willing to sleep with him for free?