The highlights of Mad Men Season 5 “Lady Lazarus.”

We got just as much joy as Roger did in seeing Pete pick up those ski’s.
It couldn’t have happened to a better person.

Alexis Bledel was a wonderful casting choice. Her portrayal reminded us of January Jones’ as Betty. Anyone else? All the quick lies and then the momentary wistfulness?
And now Pete Campbell is in “love”… with someone who isn’t his wife.

“Pizza house!”
Peggy is still very afraid of Don.

The dynamic between Peggy and Megan was varied in this episode.
At first Peggy was supportive, then she had flashes of being jealous and resentful. You know she must wonder why she was never good enough to be the second Mrs. Draper.

Some may wonder why Megan leaving was such a big deal – there were a lot of tears, and Megan even assumed Don might come home mad and drunk.
It’s because Megan is giving into her status, she can afford to do nothing – or anything she wants. She’s the second wife of a rich husband. And now she’s going to (guiltily) indulge in what that affords. She doesn’t need to work now, she can do … anything. But will that make her happy? Time will tell.

Mad Men “Lady Lazarus” Review