Here are the highlights of “Dark Shadows.”

Megan teaching Sally to cry was a unique bonding experience.
Apparently you just keep your eyes open wide and think of something sad. Try it.

Betty intruding upon Don’s new life was horrific.
She didn’t just barge in to that apartment literally, she planted seeds of doom courtesy of Sally.

While Betty was mostly difficult, she also had some moments that garnered empathy from viewers.
Seeing her struggle with her weight and her time with weight watchers was … sad. Those little cheese cubes? Sad. Spitting Redi Whip into the sink? Sad.

Betty revealing, so selfishly, about Don’s first wife to Sally was practically unforgivably.
This was contrasted beautifully by seeing how Betty was trying so hard (almost naturally) to be a good parent to her children at the kitchen table. The character has become more sympathic to her children with age, and also is jealous of Megan and wants to do better.

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