A Glee-fan favorite, Luke Edgemon played to the crowed with “Teenage Dream” on The Voice 2013.

the voice season 4

THE VOICE — Season: 4 — Pictured: (l-r) Shakira, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Usher, Carson Daly — (Photo by: Mark Seliger/NBC)

Song Choice:
“Teenage Dream”
Katy Perry

“I stole Luke from Team Shakira because he’s just such a powerful singer who can do so many things…” – Blake

“Your voice is so strong, like a fist.” – Blake

I am wary of Luke, because I don’t want anyone with a big head. And he has such a big fan base already… and yes, I can sense ambition from him. But I think he’s probably still a good guy. Although I really question how calculated the decision to do “Teenage Dream” was. I mean, that’s the song that Gleeks love. Darren Criss performed it on the show. It’s just kind of a safe choice, especially when you change it up just enough to sound new. I really would have loved to hear something much less expected from Luke. It also didn’t tell me much about what kind of artist Luke wants to be.

The performance was solid. It was made into a very sexy song. (And Luke wears amazing glasses with an ombre effect that I really covet.) A bit of a fun spirit came out, which made me smile as I watched him.

He’s amazing. Don’t be stupid. – Adam, to Blake

Usher agreed that the song choice was odd because R&B isn’t what Luke wants to do as an artist.

Shakira said she’d give the win to Luke.

Adam was really excited about Luke, and said he’d pick him for the win.

“As cool and laid back as that is… that word up there is ‘knockout.'” – Blake

Blake gave the win to Holly Tucker over Luke. It was a really, really tough call.

“Let me explain why you’re an idiot…” Adam Levine, who wanted Luke to go forward
“You’re mis-calculating her.” – Blake on Holly Tucker


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